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Church Translation Equipment: Pro Microphones, FM Systems, Hearing Devices


Church Translation Systems

As the church preacher, make sure that your church members understand the message that you are trying to share. Translate sermons by using our church translation systems. These church microphone systems are used by live translators with a lapel clip, handheld mic or headset microphone system and they speak into the wireless microphone transmitter and the listeners hear with FM receivers that have earpieces. They can be used for any language and you can translate up to 3 languages simultaneously at one time if you have additional FM transmitters for each language.

Church Hearing Impaired Systems

The wireless FM systems are also used as hearing impaired devices allowing the hard of hearing to be able to listen to the church minister loud and clear. Many times hard of hearing people cannot hear clearly what is said by the pastor and our assistive listening devices for churches can help overcome this problem. All that is needed is for the pastor to wear the FM transmitter with a microphone attached the people with hearing loss using the FM listening devices can hear better.

Let everyone hear and understand your sermon!

As you make sure that everyone is understanding and hearing your church sermon, you are able to affect more lives through the word of God being spoken by using our church translation systems, pa systems and/or church audio equipment. 

Church PA Systems

Our Church pa systems are portable and come with a choice of wireless mics - lavaliere microphone, handheld mic or a headset mic. The portable pa system includes a rechargeable battery pack. This audio personal amplifier system can be taken anywhere to be used as a mini microphone device. They are great for bus tours, walking tours, outdoor events, church revivals, public speaking, mega churches, small and large churches. Make sure to check out and consider buying the church translation systems and other church audio equipment.

Church Microphone Equipment

We have a wide array of stationary and wireless microphone systems, hearing devices for church and church translation equipment. You can purchase the microphones individually or with a complete microphone system. Some of them include dual microphones or up to 4 microphones that can be used at the same time and could be used as a pa system. Ask about a specific microphone device that you need because we do not have all of the products online at this time and we will be adding more in the near future. 

Church Sound Systems & Video AV Equipment

We have many choices for  audio sound systems, pa systems, video equipment and audio visual devices. Take a look at our full list of brands to choose from. If there are any products from the manufacturers on the list, we can sell it to you, just ask. If you are unsure, we will research your specific needs and let you know which products would be best suited for your church.

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