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Important Note: The Williams Sound translation equipment does not do real time automatic translations into another language. You would need to have a live translator wearing the equipment listening to the speaker and repeating the words of the speaker into the microphone so the listeners can understand what is being said in the translated language. 

Williams Sound Systems include the following FM transmission equipment, personal hearing amplifiers, neckloops, infrared emitters and infrared receivers, microphones and headsets, earphones.

These electronic listening devices by Williams Sound Inc include: Williams Sound PPA VP 37, Williams Sound Headphones 21, Williams Sound earphones 022, Headset Microphone System 044, Williams Sound TGS PRO737, Williams Sound neckloops, Williams Sound Earphones Wide Range 008, Williams Sound microphones 014-R, Williams Sound Conderser Mics 090, Williams Sound Microphone System 054, William Sound TX9 Infrared Transmitter, Williams Sound RX18 Infrared Receivers, Williams Sound Pocketalker Pro, Williams Sound Ultra, Williams Sound 013T Earphones, Williams Sound Pockettalker 2.0

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Wiliams Sound Earphone 008 William Sound EAR 013 Williams Sound Condenser Microphone 090
Wiliams Sound Earphone 008William Sound EAR 013Williams Sound Condenser Microphone 090

Wide Range Earphone designed for excellent comfort. Works great with assistive listening devices.

Single mini-earbud hang on the outside of the ear. Use for FM receivers, Pockettalker, hearing amplifiers.

Condenser Microphones - Use with Pocketalkers, Transmitters and similar standard 3.5mm devices.







Williams Sound Ear 041 Isolation Earphone Williams Sound Earphones 022 Williams Sound FM Neckloop
Williams Sound Ear 041 Isolation EarphoneWilliams Sound Earphones 022Williams Sound FM Neckloop

Single mini isolation earphone. Fits in the outer part of the ear. 16 Ω, mono. 0.02 lbs.

Single-sided clip-on earphone for use with Williams Sound personal listening devices.

WS neckloop is great for public venues such as movie theaters or auditoriums and TVs







Williams Sound Headphones 021 Williams Sound HED 040 High Noise Headphones Williams Sound Microphone System 054
Williams Sound Headphones 021Williams Sound HED 040 High Noise HeadphonesWilliams Sound Microphone System 054

Williams Sound offer great sound quality in a lightweight and portable design.

Williams Sound HED 040 Ear Muff  High Noise Headphones

Light Weight Directional Lapel Clip Microphone. Mono, unidirectional condenser.







Williams Sound Noise Cancelling Headset Microphone 044 Williams Sound Omnidirectional Microphone 014-R Williams Sound Pocket Talker Pro
Williams Sound Noise Cancelling Headset Microphone 044Williams Sound Omnidirectional Microphone 014-RWilliams Sound Pocket Talker Pro

Williams Sound microphones - cardoid condenser microphone - headset microphone systems

Plug-mount microphone, No cord,Commercial Audio, Pro Audio, 3.5mm plug

 Pocketalker tv listeners: headphones, earphones, ominidirectional microphone. Personal hearing amplifier