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Centrum Sound Conference Mic CM3-2 Nady 351 Personal FM System (PFM) Nady DW-11 Single Transmitter Digital Wireless Microphone System
Centrum Sound Conference Mic CM3-2Nady 351 Personal FM System (PFM) Nady DW-11 Single Transmitter Digital Wireless Microphone System

Use with Pocketalker and  wireless transmitter, plug into duplex adapter mic jack.

Wireless Nady 351 Personal FM System (PFM) comes with 1 Portable Transmitter Microphone, 1 FM Receiver

Single Receiver - Digital Wireless Microphone System - UHF Frequency - Audio Technology







Nady DW-22 Dual Transmitter Digital Wireless Microphone System Williams Sound Condenser Microphone 090 Williams Sound Ear 041 Isolation Earphone
Nady DW-22 Dual Transmitter Digital Wireless Microphone SystemWilliams Sound Condenser Microphone 090Williams Sound Ear 041 Isolation Earphone

Operating range up to 300 feet line-of-sight. Digital transmission eliminates interference.

Condenser Microphones - Use with Pocketalkers, Transmitters and similar standard 3.5mm devices.

Single mini isolation earphone. Fits in the outer part of the ear. 16 Ω, mono. 0.02 lbs.







Williams Sound Earphones 022 Williams Sound FM Neckloop Williams Sound Headphones 021
Williams Sound Earphones 022Williams Sound FM NeckloopWilliams Sound Headphones 021

Single-sided clip-on earphone for use with Williams Sound personal listening devices.

WS neckloop is great for public venues such as movie theaters or auditoriums and TVs

Williams Sound offer great sound quality in a lightweight and portable design.







Williams Sound HED 040 High Noise Headphones Williams Sound Microphone System 054 Williams Sound Noise Cancelling Headset Microphone 044
Williams Sound HED 040 High Noise HeadphonesWilliams Sound Microphone System 054Williams Sound Noise Cancelling Headset Microphone 044

Williams Sound HED 040 Ear Muff  High Noise Headphones

Light Weight Directional Lapel Clip Microphone. Mono, unidirectional condenser.

Williams Sound microphones - cardoid condenser microphone - headset microphone systems







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