Nady E03 Receiver

Nady E03 Receiver
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A range of over 300 feet makes the Nady E03 in-ear personal monitor system suitable for events, classrooms, churches, conventions, schools, musicians, singing entertainers,  playing small clubs or large theaters. Includes earbuds, one wireless transmitter, one portable, pocket-sized receiver operating on one of eight factory-switchable channels that won't interfere with VHF or UHF mics on the same stage. One transmitter can provide audio mix for any number of stage performers on the same channel. 

  • Any number of EO3 receivers can be used with a single EO3-T transmitter
  • Ultra compact and lightweight
  • Preset to one of eight channels in the 72-76 MHz range
  • Loudness adjustable with volume control—provides up to 130dB in-ear monitoring
  • Antenna is integral with earphone cord
  • A pair of mini binaural EB-3 earphones included; optional EMI soft rubber inserts supplied
  • LED Power On indicator
  • Single 9V alkaline battery operation - not included

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