Nady Duet System

Nady Duet System
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Nady Products: Nady Duet 2 - Microphone System

The Nady Duet is a dual channel wireless mic system which includes one lavaliere and one handheld mic plus a body pack transmitter and a dual-channel half-rack diversity receiver. It uses Nady's proprietary DigiTRU Diversity digital processing circuitry to eliminate dropouts and give you crystal clear reception, even during long-range use.

Includes Encore VHF Dual.Receiver - Five frequency pairs and two Wireless Mics
-- Lavaliere Body Pack Transmitter WLT-15 with detachable microphone or
Hand Held Transmitter/Mic WHT-15 (shown to the right & below).
Power Supply, 6ft connecting cord, and rugged foam padded traveling case included.

The Nady Encore Duet is a dual transmitter version of the ENC-I allowing for either individual or dual simultaneous wireless operation over two VHF frequencies.The system includes a rugged receiver with dual antennas, two transmitters and 1/4” and XLR outputs for connection to PA systems. The ENC DUETincludes all the same notable features of the ENC-I.

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