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Personal Amplifiers are a unique category of assistive listening devices.  They are a 'must have' if you are hearing impaired! They are small, hand sized products, designed to bring you better hearing in any situation.   Pocketalkers Hearing Devices, our Williams Sound Personal Amplifiers are as easy as carrying a cell phone.  These audio devices are designed to work when hearing aids help very little because of interference with background noise. Hearing aids work best in low noise areas, i.e. "living room" situations.  These new listening devices bring the sound source closer while at the same time increasing the high frequencies that make words crisp.  You can put it on the table, hold it in your hand or clip it to your shirt or belt and a small wire is in one ear or two, whichever you choose.  Finally, you can feel wonderful inside because you will be able to UNDERSTAND everyone around you.  Our prices for this great hearing equipment for hearing impaired people is discounted compared to other retailers. Our hearing ampliflication devices are great for seniors and hard of hearing people, no matter what age you are.

Also, we have the best specialty personal hearing amplification systems, very small devices that attach to your phone. You will be amazed at how you UNDERSTAND what is being said, crisp and clean! You will be able to hear a story your grandchild is sharing or an appointment message left by your doctor's assistant. Without using these amplifying systems, children's and women's voices can be the hardest to hear.

Purchase our TV listening devices so you don't miss a word of your favorite Television show.  Whether it's a competition of The Voice, a Playoff Football Game or the Nightly News our TV Ears deliver sound directly to you through a wireless listening system.  No more dropped off sentences or background music drowning out the dialogue.  You will catch, hear and understand it ALL with our personal hearing amplifiers, without having the TV too loud for everyone else.



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Array AG300 (1 Transmitter, 2 Receivers) Array AG300-20 - Tour Guide/Translation FM Systems Array AG300-1 Personal FM Systems (PFM)
Array AG300 (1 Transmitter, 2 Receivers)Array AG300-20 - Tour Guide/Translation FM SystemsArray AG300-1 Personal FM Systems (PFM)

Personal FM System - 1 Transmitter Microphone, 2 Listening Receivers

Array Systems - 20 Receivers, 1 Transmitter

Wireless Personal FM System : microphone, headset, 1 fm transmitter, 1 fm receiver








Nady 351 Personal FM System (PFM) Williams Sound Pocket Talker Pro Williams Sound Pocketalker Ultra
Nady 351 Personal FM System (PFM) Williams Sound Pocket Talker ProWilliams Sound Pocketalker Ultra

Wireless Nady 351 Personal FM System (PFM) comes with 1 Portable Transmitter Microphone, 1 FM Receiver

 Pocketalker tv listeners: headphones, earphones, ominidirectional microphone. Personal hearing amplifier

Hearing Amplifier - Williams Sound Products - Pocketalker Ultra







Williams Sound Pocketalker Ultra 2.0 Nady Headset Microphone HM-3 Clarity Cordless Speaker Phone XLC 3.4+
Williams Sound Pocketalker Ultra 2.0Nady Headset Microphone HM-3Clarity Cordless Speaker Phone XLC 3.4+

Newest hearing amplifier - Williams Sound Systems - Electronic Devices

 Nady Wireless Headset Microphone System - Omni-Directional Condenser Microphone - Audio Mics

Clarity XLC3.4+ - Extra Loud Big Button Speakerphone with Enhanced Caller ID Hear Clearly. 







Nady WA120 PA System Williams Sound FM Neckloop Ameriphone XL-50 - Big Button Amplified Telephone
Nady WA120 PA SystemWilliams Sound FM NeckloopAmeriphone XL-50 - Big Button Amplified Telephone

Portable PA system - Nady WA 120 - Choice of wireless microphone - rechargeable battery included

WS neckloop is great for public venues such as movie theaters or auditoriums and TVs

Big Button Telephone - Amplified Phone - Hearing Impaired Telephone







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Our hearing loss amplifiers help you to have improved hearing without using hearing aids. Some of the brands we have are Ablenet Audable Amplifier, Nady PEM E03,
Clearsounds Amplifier, Audable Amplifier, Equalizing Telephone Amp, TV Ears 5.0, Walker Amplifier, Sonic Ears, Williams Sound Pocketalker.

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