Array FM Transmitter

Array FM Transmitter
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Array AG300-1 Personal Transmitter

Personal frequency modulation (FM systems) are like miniature radio stations operating on special frequencies. The receiver transmits the sound to your ears or if you wear a hearing aid, directly to the hearing aid.

(UHF) Ultra High Frequency eliminates interference by transmitting above the crowd. The transmitter comes with a lapel microphone and is used with Array receivers.

The operating range is approximately 150-165  feet.

Our prices are lower than our competitors that are selling comparable personal fm systems. Check out the prices of other Personal FM suppliers like Sennheiser, Comtek , Phonic Ear and Listen Technologies.

 New FM Frequencies:  Ch1 806.9 MHz, Ch2 808 MHz, Ch3 809.7 MHz

This Array wireless system is user friendly and designed to enhance hearing for one individual or a large group. The person speaking or giving the presentation has a portable transmitter clipped to their belt. The speaker may use a small microphone clipped to the shirt or another option of a microphone that circles the ear. All listening people must be equipped with receivers to hear the transmission.




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