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Array & Nady Audio Devices

Our electronic wireless  listening devices are used as translation equipment, hearing impaired devices and tour guide systems

FM Devices, Tour Guide & Translation Systems


Array AG300 FM Systems

The Array AG300 mobile FM transmitters and receivers can be used up to 200 feet range. These electronic devices have up to 3 channels to choose from and come with a lapel clip microphone and a headset microphone, They are operated on double AA batteries which are not included. We sell in small quantities 1+ units or large bulk quantities up a 100 FM receivers or more.

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Nady FM Systems: Electronic Mobile Devices

The Nady 351 FM Systems are a 1 channel device that comes with a lapel clip mic, headset microphone or a handheld microphone (your choice).  They are operated on a 9 volt battery, not included. They are portable and have a range of up to 200 feet. The FM receivers come with listening earpieces or additional headphones.

Our main products include the Nady WA-120 PA System, Nady 351 Wireless FM Systems, Nady 151 Devices, Nady 401 FM transmitters and receivers, Nady Duet Systems, Nady ALD-800 Series, Nady E03 Devices, Nady microphone transmitters, Nady PEM 1000, Nady HM-3 headset microphones, Nady Personal FM Systems.  We can sell any of the Nady products, so you can just ask us for a specific model. 


Nady Microphone Systems

We have several Nady Microphone Systems to choose from including but not limited to Nady DW-11, DW-22, Encore Duet, Nady 1100,  PEM 1000, U-1100,  U-2100, Nady WA-120 Portable Microphone System / PA System, Nady Quad Microphones. 

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About Us: Innovative Hearing Devices

Our electronic listening devices are used by classrooms, churches, businesses, tour guide companies, conventions, public speaking events, military, border patrol, buses, limos, live translators, language translation companies, schools, travel/tourism, court reporters, bilingual services, lawyers, translation services, transportation providers & more. 

Innovative Hearing Devices offers a variety of different wireless translation & tour guide systems with wireless headsets and microphones that can broadcast multiple languages simultaneously. The audio systems and tour guide equipment comes equipped with headset, handheld or lapel microphones which are wireless microphones. Our FM systems are from supplied by Array and Nady Systems Inc. 

Here's how our systems work: The speaker talks into a wireless microphone and the listeners wear an individual FM audio receiver with ear plugs to hear the live speaker. 

For the tour guide companies: Our portable FM systems help to have a more enjoyable listening experience on walking guided tours, tour buses, factory tours, plant tours an other travel and tour experiences.

Live language translators can use the FM audio equipment as translation devices. With the portable audio systems, all you have to do is put on the earphones and clip the receiver to your belt or put it in your pocket. You will be able to hear the translation language interpreter who has a wireless FM transmitter with a wireless microphone attached.  


Churches use the audio devices to either translate what the pastor is speaking or for the church members that have hearing loss to be able to hear the sermon louder and more clearly. 

Schools provide the audio equipment to be used for hypersensitive hearing students, hearing impaired people and also as translation devices for PTA meetings, school events and job training.


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