Williams Sound TX9 Infrared Emitter

Williams Sound TX9 Infrared Emitter
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  • Item #: 39-WS Infrared Transmitter-1

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Williams Sound WIR TX9 Infrared Emitter - IR Transmitter

The WIR TX9 emitter produces a wide-angle infrared signal that concentrates IR energy efficiently in the listening area. Operating on the 2.3-3.8 MHz bandwidth, the WIR TX9 is less susceptible to radio and lighting interference. Each WIR TX9 emitter can cover up to 28,000 sq. feet (2,600 sq. meters) in single-channel operation. The coverage area can be easily increased by daisy-chaining additional WIR TX9 emitters. A wall/ceiling omnidirectional mount is included, and stand kits are available for portable operation.

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