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Innovative Hearing Devices offers a variety of different wireless tour guide systems with headsets and mirophone which can broadcast multiple languages simultaneously. The audio systems tour guide equipment comes equipped with lapel microphones or wireless microphones. Our tour guide systems are from Array, Williams Sound and Nady.

The speaker speaks into a lapel-clip microphone and the listening people wear an individual fm audio receiver with ear plugs. Our portable PA systems help tour groups have a more enjoyable listening experience on guided tours, tour buses, factory tours, plant tour headsets and more.

With the tour guide systems, all you have to do is put on the earphones and clip the receiver to your belt or put it in your pocket. The speaker will have a transmitter with portable microphones for tour guides and you do not have to be in a direct line from it to hear perfectly, so you can leisurely view the sites or sounds in front of you from the translating devices. These are high quality headset systems and microphones for tour guide companies.

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Array Earpieces or Microphone
Array Earpieces or Microphone

Array lapel clip mic, headset microphone for a transmitter or a set of earpieces for a receiver.


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