Nady PEM 1000

Nady PEM 1000
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Nady PEM 1000 - 1 receiver, 1 transmitter

A great product for large area uses such as Square Dancing, Churches, Auditoriums, Theaters. Operation at Ultra High Frequencies (UHF) significantly reduces the chances of  interference and if you need multiple transmitters operating simultaneously, such as when translating several languages, or providing people with the sound from several sources, or many other applications, this 16-channel system is an unbeatable value. 

System Features Tune to any of 16 frequencies within the UHF band (694-704 MHz) for interference free, long-range stereo or mono performance. System consists of PEM-1000T transmitter and one bodypack PEM-1000R receiver, both of which offer 16 channel front panel user selectable. Audio response is to 12,000 Hz. Any number of additional receivers can be operated with the same transmitter if set to the same channel. Proprietary commanding circuitry for wide Dynamic Range and clear, natural sound . Operating Range: up to 300 feet typical (depending on site conditions) Rugged, foam-padded traveling case provides easy safe transport and storage.  

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