Nady E03 - Stationary FM Systems - 4 Receivers

Nady E03 - Stationary FM Systems - 4 Receivers
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Important Note: The Nady translation equipment does not do real time automatic translations into another language. You would need to have a live translator wearing the equipment listening to the speaker and repeating the words of the speaker into the microphone so the listeners can understand what is being said in the translated language.

NADY E03 - 4 Receivers Stationary Language Translation FM System

The system includes the Transmitter, AC Adapter, audio cable, and  four Nady E03 single-channel receivers with dual earphones.

Nady E03 Systems, a manufacturer of the worlds top selling wireless microphones and other professional audio equipment, introduces a wide area FM system. The Transmitter has 8 switchable channels in the 72-76 MHz assistive listening band using wide band modulation for high fidelity audio sound. The system has an operating range of 300-500 feet, making it excellent for Language Translation even in large areas.

The cables can plug into your existing mixer and audio system through the record out connection. 

Additional shipping will be required if mailed outside of the Continental USA. International orders may include custom charges.  

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