Nady E03 - 1 PFM Receiver System

Nady E03 - 1 PFM Receiver System
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NADY Audio E03/1 Single-Receiver FM System

Nady EO3 Receivers, a manufacturer of the worlds top selling wireless microphones and other professional audio equipment, introduces a high quality  FM system for TV Listening and other applications  such as Churches, Theaters and Auditoriums,  Square Dancing, Language Translation and other wide-area applications. The Transmitter has 8 switchable channels in the 72-76 MHz assistive listening band using wide band modulation for high fidelity audio sound. The Nady audio system has an operating range of 300-500 feet and includes the Transmitter, AC Adapter, and cables, and a Nady audio single-channel receiver with dual earphones.

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