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Microphones are a standard necessity for most all Assisted Listening Devices.  They come in many different styles and sizes.  You may have a choice of plugging one into the transmitter or use a wireless microphone system.  The Williams Sound MIC 027 plug-in 8" shotgun unidirectional microphone has a noise cancelling windscreen capability, versus the Williams Sound Microphone 090 omnidirectional lapel-clip microphone that has flexibility so you may move around the room and your speaking voice is still projected to all the receivers worn by your audience or students.  

The Nady mics - wireless microphone system and a portable PA system comes with a handheld microphone, transmitter and built-in VHF wireless receiver combined.  This Nady WA 120 PA microphone is powerful, lightweight and an easily portable microphone.  This Nady PA System is ideal for many situations including classrooms, conference/meeting rooms, churches, health clubs and small auditoriums. Check out all our Nady mics and other Nady systems.

Our New listening technology product is the Centrum Sound Conference Microphone.  It is a small pyramid shaped Boundary Zone Microphone, utilized anywhere there is any large flat surface, such as a large table or wall.  This small inconspicuous omnidirectional microphone picks up sound from widely separated people at a conference table or as a single mic to hear actors voices in a live production or video.  It, also, may be used for an orchestra or a choir and is about a third the price of comparable competitor´s microphones.


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Nady Duet System
Nady Duet System

Nady Encore Duet Receiver, includes dual channel wireless mic system. 




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