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Audio hearing accessories is where you will find everything possible to customize items for your hearing devices for the hard of hearing. Whether you are looking for new earphones, wireless headsets, duet systems, wide range earphones, fm systems, phone amplifier attachments, neckloops, mini earbuds or wireless microphones you will find it in this category.  Also available for our listening systems are hearing silhouettes, hearing loops, assistive signalers, dual receivers, motion sensors, wide band receivers and audio enhancers.  For a cheap price it is virtually audio solutions at your fingertips.

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Williams Sound Headphones 021 Williams Sound Earphones 022 Williams Sound FM Neckloop
Williams Sound Headphones 021Williams Sound Earphones 022Williams Sound FM Neckloop

Williams Sound offer great sound quality in a lightweight and portable design.

Single-sided clip-on earphone for use with Williams Sound personal listening devices.

WS neckloop is great for public venues such as movie theaters or auditoriums and TVs







Williams Sound Microphone System 054 Williams Sound Noise Cancelling Headset Microphone 044 Williams Sound Condenser Microphone 090
Williams Sound Microphone System 054Williams Sound Noise Cancelling Headset Microphone 044Williams Sound Condenser Microphone 090

Light Weight Directional Lapel Clip Microphone. Mono, unidirectional condenser.

Williams Sound microphones - cardoid condenser microphone - headset microphone systems

Condenser Microphones - Use with Pocketalkers, Transmitters and similar standard 3.5mm devices.







Williams Sound Microphone 014-R Nady Microphone Audio Headset HM-3 Centrum Sound CM3-1
Williams Sound Microphone 014-RNady Microphone Audio Headset HM-3Centrum Sound CM3-1

Plug-mount microphone, No cord,Commercial Audio, Pro Audio, 3.5mm plug.

This microphone fits any transmitter with a standard 3.5 mm (1/8th inch) input jack.

 Assistive Listening Systems - Centrum Sound Devices - Conference Microphones







Conference Mic CM3-2
Conference Mic CM3-2

Use with Pocketalker and  wireless transmitter, plug into duplex adapter mic jack.



Innovative Hearing Devices offers the best listening audio accessories that can be portable and wireless.

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