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Long Range Listening Devices - Wide Area Systems are a broad category. These are intended to service the hard of hearing in any large area outside in a yard and/or inside in a building. They are also very good for Square Dancing, Churches, Theaters, Courts, Translation Systems and Hearing Your TV. Wide Area Systems include Wireless Infrared Systems and FM Systems.  The Infrared Systems are very good for direct line-of-sight reception and FM Systems are omnidirectional with a long range listening area.

Multiple Microphone Systems are pre-packaged from Nady Duet-2. It is all inclusive so that when a single wireless FM microphone is needed you must have each wireless mic on a different frequency to prevent interference. And each microphone has to have a separate receiver on that frequency. Then you must have a mixer to combine each receiver's audio from each mic and send it to: loud speakers, an assistive device transmitter, or wherever you want it to go. Nady has simplified this process by combining the multiple receivers and mixer in a single unit for 2-microphone and 4-microphone systems. It is a deluxe edition and very easy to set-up.   


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Nady 351 VR Receivers Only - 6 Pack Nady Duet System Nady E03 - 1 PFM Receiver System
Nady 351 VR Receivers Only - 6 PackNady Duet SystemNady E03 - 1 PFM Receiver System

6 pack of Nady 351 VR Receivers that come with earpieces. No transmitter or microphone included.

Nady Encore Duet Receiver, includes dual channel wireless mic system. 


Nady Audio Systems, TV Listening for Churches, Theaters, Classrooms - Audio Language Translators







Nady Microphone Audio Headset HM-3 Nady Wireless Microphones WHT15 Vanguard Aluminum Carrying Case
Nady Microphone Audio Headset HM-3Nady Wireless Microphones WHT15Vanguard Aluminum Carrying Case

This microphone fits any transmitter with a standard 3.5 mm (1/8th inch) input jack.

Wireless Handheld Microphone Transmitter - Nady Microphone System - Portable Mics

Vanguard Aluminum Carrying Case for FM transmitters and receivers.







Wiliams Sound Earphones Wide Range 008 Williams Sound Condenser Microphone 090 Williams Sound Ear 041 Isolation Earphone
Wiliams Sound Earphones Wide Range 008Williams Sound Condenser Microphone 090Williams Sound Ear 041 Isolation Earphone

Williams Sound EAR 008 - Wide Range Earphone designed for excellent comfort.

Condenser Microphones - Use with Pocketalkers, Transmitters and similar standard 3.5mm devices.

Single mini isolation earphone. Fits in the outer part of the ear. 16 Ω, mono. 0.02 lbs.







Williams Sound Earphones 022 Williams Sound FM Neckloop Williams Sound Headphones 021
Williams Sound Earphones 022Williams Sound FM NeckloopWilliams Sound Headphones 021

Single-sided clip-on earphone for use with Williams Sound personal listening devices.

WS neckloop is great for public venues such as movie theaters or auditoriums and TVs

Williams Sound offer great sound quality in a lightweight and portable design.







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